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Friday, April 20, 2018


These lawyers, bankers, academics, journalists, bureaucrats and self-styled elitists sponge off the actual wealth-creation of hard working Americans via SES, OPIC, Lockheed Martin, Crown Agents, Serco, USAID in pursuit of the seven deadly sins

Since they don’t do real work, President Trump can simply turn off their lights

Then, he can use the trillions of dollars recovered to empower real wealth creators

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Apr. 20, 2018 | PDF |
Ladder of Divine Ascent
Fig. 1This is a glorious depiction of the evil labyrinth we have discovered. The Icon of the Ladder of Divine Ascent is connected with the well-known spiritual classic book entitled The Ladder of Divine Ascent by Saint John Climacus, of the seventh century. It inspired by Jacob's dream where God—the Great I Am—promised to keep him in all places and that he should not be afraid. Genesis 28:12-15.
Icon Writer: Unknown.

(Apr. 20, 2018)—AFI began this investigation in 2012 to try and understand why the U.S. Supreme Court failed to protect Leader Technologies’ revolutionary invention of social networking—even after Leader proved that Facebook infringed their patent on 11 of 11 claims.

What we have discovered is a labyrinth of organized sin and corruption that permeates practically every institution on our planet. Besides watching the Leader v. Facebook court ignore well-settled precedent so that they could protect Facebook, the judges themselves held volumes of Facebook financial interests.

Judges are expressly prohibited by their sworn Code of Conduct from engaging in such immoral and illegal activity. They are prohibited from holding “even one share” by a spouse in a litigant. The games that our judges, politicians and bureaucrats are currently playing by hiding their financial holdings in large corporate litigants behind conspiring mutual funds is just obscene. This corrupt practice began in earnest after a Judicial Conference in March 2001—six months before 9/11 & the theft of Leader's social networking invention—without public hearing or debate. We call it The Great Mutual Fund Scam.

Here are the corrupt judges and clerk in Leader v. Facebook who each failed to disqualify himself/herself due to his/her substantial holdings in Facebook financial interests. Each person gained great wealth from the Facebook initial public offering in 2012, this is without even knowing the extent of their offshore accounts. They also failed to disclose their intimate relationships with Facebook's appeal attorney Thomas G. Hungar, Gibson Dunn LLP:

Leonard P. Stark
Leonard P. Stark, Delaware
Randall R. Rader
Randall R. Rader, Federal Circuit
Alan D. Lourie
Alan D. Lourie, Federal Circuit
Kimberly A. Moore
Kimberly A. Moore, Federal Circuit
Evan J. Wallach
Evan J. Wallach, Federal Circuit
Jan Horbaly
Jan Horbaly, Federal Circuit
John G. Roberts, Jr.
John G. Roberts, Jr., Supreme Court
Thomas G. Hungar
Thomas G. Hungar, Gibson Dunn LLP

Our initial scratching at the surface of this injustice to Leader Technologies has now given way to bulldozers and dump trucks. We have teamed up with corruption fighters from around the globe. We have worked to meticulously document these crimes with indictable evidence that some are calling the Crimeline. It is intended as a research tool for lawyers, judges, politicians and the media to help speed up the coming prosecutions. Honest citizens of the world cannot allow these corruptocrats to succeed. [Note: Over a year ago we sent a copy of this Crimeline to then Senator Jeff Sessions before he became Attorney General.]

Leader Technologies’ shareholders are currently asking President Trump to pay them for the 18-year theft of their social networking invention by the federal government and our rogue Silicon Valley technology community. They have filed “Miller Act Notices” at the White House and have proposed a remarkable non-tax $500+ billion new revenue source and a Win-Win fix for the horrific problems that this theft has caused. See Leader Technologies files trillion dollar bond lien on the U.S.

Big Picture: The corruptocrats stole Leader’s invention to speed up their globalist takeover

What is the connection with Leader Technologies’ social networking invention? These corruptocrats stole it because they knew it would speed up their takeover of the American Republic. They appear to have been right about that. “Social networking” appeared almost overnight like a Phoenix via the IBM Eclipse Foundation in early 2004 once Leader Technologies had finished debugging their source code. See First annual IBM EclipseCon 2004, Feb. 2-5, 2004 (Facebook started Feb. 4, 2004).

For new readers unfamiliar with the Leader Technologies story, we have added a footnote overview of the Leader “innovation magic” story below so that we can get to the main theme of this post.

Once we proved the immediate evidence of the Leader v. Facebook corruption, we widened our lens aperture to look at who and what was behind these peoples’ choices to be so corrupt.

In summary, the following organizations came into focus:

  1. Senior Executive Service (SES),
  2. Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC),
  3. Serco,
  4. USAID,
  5. Crown Agents, and
  6. Lockheed Martin.

We knew a little about Lockheed and USAID, but nothing about SES, OPIC, Serco or the Crown Agents. Considering that these organizations move hundreds of billions of dollars of American tax money around the planet, why are they not in our civic consciousness? The MSM has been silent and has clearly failed to hold them accountable, as is their job. Now we know that this gaggle of criminals are the successors of Nazi Brown Shirts for the Deep State shadow government. They could cease tomorrow and the world would only improve, wars would stop, and a new era of human creativity will be unleashed.

SES & OPIC constitutes an unconstitutional secret government of war profiteers, but it’s worse. Other governments  help drive this SES / OPIC bus to perdition.

WAR PROFITEERS: The SES, OPIC, USAID, Serco, the Crown Agents and Lockheed Martin operate a border less, corporatist, globalist economy where national sovereignties are obliterated. Flying the American flag upside down is an officially recognized signal of distress, not disrespect.
Fig. 3WAR PROFITEERS: The SES, OPIC, USAID, Serco, the Crown Agents and Lockheed Martin operate a border less, corporatist, globalist economy where national sovereignties are obliterated. Flying the American flag upside down is an officially recognized signal of distress, not disrespect.

The Senior Executive Services (SES) includes over 8,000 Obama stay-behind senior federal employees in all agencies of the U.S. government. They openly state that they cannot be fired by the President, which means they are not accountable to our Republic and have a law unto themselves. See our previous post Obama hired them. Trump cannot fire them. So they say.  It went viral 30 days ago with an estimated 500,000 views. The story is out.

Former FBI Director James B. Comey’s book title speaks volumes: A Higher Loyalty. Evidently Mr. Comey believes his oath to serve America does not include its leaders if he decides to have a globalist agenda. His associations with Lockheed Martin and London-based HSBC clearly show that he leads this coup against American sovereignty. The arrogance of his current book road show speaks volumes about his moral character.

Connecting the dots, AFI, Leader Technologies, American Intelligence Media (AIM) and other researchers from groups like The Right Media, Anonymous, the real Q and KimDotCom among them have helped uncover primary institutions through which the SES-OPIC funds its sedition (we believe)—totally outside of We The People Congressional oversight.

Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC)

The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) was formed on January 19, 1971 in an amendment to the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961. The Act had previously formed the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) which is closely aligned with OPIC’s seditious activity.

OPIC is actually a corporation whose sole shareholder is the U.S. Secretary of State. The SES provides the executive staffing and leadership for OPIC. Note that the Crown Agents in the UK adopted an identical organizational structure in 1995, see below.

Herein is the scandalous scamming of America. Through convoluted legal gobbledygook, OPIC as a company and not a federal agency per se is solely “owned” by the Secretary of State. OPIC is staffed by the SES who state openly that they cannot be fired by the President, and therefore by direct inference don’t work for him—even though the President appoints the Secretary of State, their sole shareholder. As if this could not get more twisted, the Secretary of State is an SES member and technically cannot be fired by the President, who works for We The People.  This likely means that We The People have no control over SES or OPIC—even though we fund them both. The lawyers who wrote these laws and regulations (and then protect these entities from FOIA transparency) should be shot for this treasonous word play.

While Rex Tillerson recently left his position as Secretary of State, being SES himself, we doubt he was fired. Just look at how Attorney General Jefferson B. Sessions—also SES—is stubbornly hanging on, almost begging the President to challenge his SES employment protections.

OPIC is run by the SES according to the Plum Books from 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016 (named after their purple title sheet . . . and the "Purple Revolution?") The 2016 Plum Books state clearly on p. 218. Since the documents intentionally fail to define the phrase “independent regulatory commission” it could mean anything if challenged and must be assumed to mean all SES members. Whether narrowly or broadly defined, thousands of federal employees fall into this insulation from Presidential authority:

S. Prt. 114-26. (Dec. 01, 2016). Plum Book, Policy and Supporting Positions. Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. U.S. Senate, 114th Congress, 2d Session, p. 218 (PDF p. 228).
Fig. 4—The SES Plum book claims that the President cannot fire them. S. Prt. 114-26. (Dec. 01, 2016). Plum Book, Policy and Supporting Positions. Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. U.S. Senate, 114th Congress, 2d Session, p. 218 (PDF p. 228). GPO.

OPIC’s 2017 Annual Management Report says they have provided $23.2 billion in benefits to recipients worldwide—all decisions made by the SES.

Conclusion: SES-OPIC has been a rogue outfit ever since the SES was formed in 1978.

SES + OPIC + USAID + Serco + Crown Agents + Lockheed

This article will discuss prominent people involved in globalist activities, worldwide.
Fig. 5—The rule the planet. 
Video: American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation, Leader Technologies, Inc.

The more our investigators dove into the seditious SES-OPIC labyrinth, the deeper it went, and the more convoluted it became.

Serco Group Plc (UK)

Serco is led by a British knight and the son of one. Both men have pledges oaths of loyalty to the British Crown. They are Sir Roy Gardner, and Rupert Soames OBE (Order of the British Empire), son of Sir Nicholas Soames, grandson of Winston Churchill.

America: Meet your British overlords
Sir Roy A. Gardener Rupert C. Soames, OBE
Sir Roy Alan Gardner (born 20 August 1945) is a British businessman and Chairman of Serco. He was knighted in 2002. He was also managing director of GEC Marconi Ltd. Rupert C. Soames OBE (born 18 May 1959) is a British businessman and CEO of Serco. He was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) in 2010. He is the son of Sir Nicholas Soames, and the grandson of Winston Churchill.
British Oath of Allegiance to the Monarch: These men have pledged oaths of allegiance to the Queen substantially in this form: “I, NAME, do swear that I will be faithful and bear true Allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Her Heirs and Successors, according to the Law. So help me GOD.” Some British citizens consulted discount these awards by the Queen as somewhat meaningless, while others did not. The point to be made here is less about opinions on royal orders, and more about whether these men take seriously their oath to Queen and God. It is certain that British courts consider these oaths to be legally binding. Since these are binding legal oaths, it is certain that they run Serco, and its subsidiaries in America, with loyalty to the Queen over the U.S. Constitution. These oaths are similar in principle to swearing to tell the truth so help you God before testifying in court. See Promissory Oaths Act 1868. (Jul. 31, 1868). 1868 c. 72 (Regnal. 31_and_32_Vict).
Fig. 6: Sir Roy Gardner and Rupert Soames lead Serco Group Plc and its subsidiaries around the world in total allegiance to the British Crown.

"Serco is the biggest company in America that you have never heard of.” Why? Why is a company that operates the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and over 58 air traffic control system in the U.S. so obscured from the public consciousness?!

Serco Group PLC is a British company with 10,000 employees and annual revenue of $5.9 billion. Serco runs the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office!

Do you mean to tell me that the U.S. Patent Office is not capable of running itself without foreign help?! American inventors take note: You're screwed.

We could not believe this either, but here is Serco’s 2015 press release announcing its deal with Obama. No reasonable person can view the giving away of a vital office to a foreign power as anything but sedition. This alone should get your blood boiling, but it gets much, much worse.

Serco has 11 contracts with the U.S. Army, Navy, SPAWAR, Intelligence, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, US Border Patrol as well as the Transportation and Commerce Departments.

Serco operates 58 U.S. air traffic control towers! WAT? Isn't this a national security issue? Are Americans not capable of running their own airports?!

Serco has major contracts with the FCC, FTC, FAA, DOJ, DOS, DHS, ERO, ICE, GSA, prisons, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp and they even run U.S. military boot camps.

Serco runs major public works in Chicago, Colorado, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Georgia—all Deep State shadow government globalist strongholds. Georgia = IBM.

Sweetheart Serco U.S. Honey Pots: "Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity"

In short, we have ceded great swaths of U.S. infrastructure to this foreign control. Many of the Serco contracts are the most lucrative imaginable. They are “Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity” contracts (STATED SO in the contracts), meaning they are blank checks for the SES.

Here is just a partial list of these lucrative Serco GSA contracts with numerous federal government agencies. What? Are not American companies worthy of such honey pot contracts?

America’s corporate borders against foreign intervention were overrun long ago

More likely, these contracts reveal that America’s corporate borders were overrun long ago. Ask yourself: Why are we giving our sovereignty to the United Kingdom? That is a longer answer that is superbly answered in the just released AIM article: EXPOSED: ALL THE QUEEN’S AGENTS AND CORPORATIONS THAT CONTROL THE WORLD.

Serco’s American subsidiary, SI International, Inc. was founded and funded on Oct. 14, 1998 by Chicago bankers with Frontenac Company principals Rodney L. Goldstein formerly with Booz Allen Hamilton, and Jeremy H. Silverman formerly with Bain & Company (Mitt Romney).

SI International’s officers included S. Bradford Antle who, according to his Bloomberg biography, was still working for Lockheed Martin, where he was leading Lockheed Martin's Washington Technical Operations with 1,700 employees. Other officers came from the U.S.  Intelligence supplier CACI, Inc. and Gen. R. Thomas Marsh came from MITRE Corp. Marsh is SES.

On Dec. 28, 2008, Serco Group PLC (UK) bought SI International and renamed it Serco, Inc. aka Serco Services, Inc. and appointed S. Bradford Antle its President. The Lockheed logo on this deal is evident.

Brad Antle was the Serco-Lockheed Martin go-to executive for the Deep State overlords

While Brad Antle was triple-timing employment among SI International, Serco and Lockheed Martin, former FBI Director James B. Comey was General Counsel at Lockheed Martin (2005-2010).

America: Meet your Lockheed Martin / Serco Traitors
James B. Comey S. Bradford Antle
James B. Comey: “A Higher Loyalty” 2017-current, FBI 2013-2017, HSBC (UK) 2013, Bridgewater Capital 2010-2013, Lockheed Martin 2005-2010, Attorney General 2003-2005, US Attorney 1996-2003, McGuire Woods 1993-1996, US Senate 1995, US Attorney 1987-1993, Gibson Dunn 1986-1987, other. S. Bradford “Brad” Antle: GE 1985-1995, Lockheed Martin 1996-2001, SI International /Serco 1999-2008.
Fig. 7: Lockheed Martin officers James B. Comey and S. Bradford "Brad" Antle very evidently orchestrated the creation of SI International, Inc. in 1998 to acquire top secret U.S. military contracts that were then sold in 2008 to Serco (UK) who was a partner with Lockheed in AWE Management Limited (Atomic Weapons Establishment)(UK) along with British Nuclear Fuels Limited in which the British Crown has a "Golden Share" and 100% control. This makes all of Lockheed's and Serco's U.S. contracts in an absolute conflict of interest for both British and U.S. interests. In short, both the American and British peoples have been sold out to these globalist transnationalist corporatist entities.

Now comes the very sad reality that both Antle and Comey sold out America to the British Crown via Lockheed Martin and Serco.

British Patriots: Serco and Lockheed Martin run your nuclear program

AFI investigators have discovered what looks like hard proof of sedition among Lockheed Martin, Brad Antle and James Comey.

AWE Management Limited (UK) (Atomic Weapons Establishment)

On Nov. 10, 1998, AWE Management Limited was incorporated in the United Kingdom by two lawyers who had one share each. This is a standard way lawyers start companies without involving the founders in order to handle the perfunctory formation paperwork which usually gets amended later.

On Dec. 13, 1999, Serco Limited facilitated the updating of the stock to the real owners British Nuclear Fuels Plc (50,000 A shares – Golden Shares controlled by the Crown), Lockheed Martin (50,000 B shares) and Serco (49,998 C shares).

Remember, just a year earlier on Oct. 14, 1998 Lockheed’s director S. Bradford Antle had just started Serco’s US predecessor SI International in Chicago.

AWE MANAGEMENT LTD. (Dec. 13, 1999). Ownership Return of Allotment re. Lockheed, Serco and British Nuclear Fuels. Reg. No. 36645711, p. 2. Companies House.
Fig. 8AWE MANAGEMENT LTD. (Dec. 13, 1999). Ownership Return of Allotment re. Lockheed, Serco and British Nuclear Fuels. Reg. No. 36645711, p. 2. Companies House.

Serco and Lockheed Martin hold 2/3rd of the shares in AWE Management Limited (UK). AWE stands for Atomic Weapons Establishment. AWE runs Britain’s nuclear programs for weapons grade materials. The other 1/3rd of AWE shares are held by British Nuclear Fuels Limited (BNFL). Most importantly, the Queen holds a “Golden Share” in AWE and its uranium mining mega supplier Rio Tinto Plc giving her ultimate control.

Here is the Queen’s “Golden Share” in Rio Tinto Plc as inauspiciously recorded by hand at Companies House (London, UK) on Dec. 31, 1999, p. 8. Note: When attorneys handwrite disclosures in this day and age, it is generally an intentional act to thwart search engines from being able to index the document, so it is more difficult to find.

Rio Tinto PLC. (Dec. 31, 1999). 2000 Annual Return, Reg. No. 719885. Companies House. Take special note that it appears that HSBC is handling Rio Tinto’s corporate filings.
Fig. 9Rio Tinto PLC. (Dec. 31, 1999). 2000 Annual Return, Reg. No. 719885. Companies House. Take special note that it appears that HSBC is handling Rio Tinto’s corporate filings. Also note that this filing occurred just 18 days after the On Dec. 13, 1999 AWD Management Limited. registration of shares that for British Nuclear Fuels, Lockheed Martin and Serco. Now we see HSBC involved in this brew. It should be noted again that former FBI Director James B. Comey was chief counsel of HSBC in 2013, being paid about $10 million for less than a year of employment.

To make this circumstance even more unscrupulously confusing, the AWE Limited (UK) annual report on Dec. 31, 2016 actually says in very slimy lawyerly parsing that “The directors consider Lockheed Martin Corporation, a company registered in the USA, as the ultimate parent undertaking and controlling entity.

They did not mention the Queen’s Golden Share that ultimately controls everything having to do with uranium and atomic weapons production in the UK. The Queen, via Rio Tinto, actually sells these companies uranium ore to produce the nuclear fuel—that is enriched in America!

So, did the AWE directors check with the Queen before making this deceptive statement? Did the Ernst and Young LLP auditors include this slippery language to give the directors, officers and Crown deniability about their duplicity? The later seems most likely. The auditors probably slaved mightily over this obfuscation. Such material nondisclosures are likely criminal offenses, especially considering the grave national interests involving Britain's nuclear arsenal.

AWE MANAGEMENT LTD. (Dec. 31, 2016). Annual Report and Consolidated Financial Statements. Reg. No. 36645711, p. 34. Companies House.
Fig. 10AWE MANAGEMENT LTD. (Dec. 31, 2016). Annual Report and Consolidated Financial Statements. Reg. No. 36645711, p. 34. Companies House.

If we are to believe the AWE directors, Lockheed Martin controls the British nuclear program!

If we are to believe British Companies House filings, the Queen controls the nuclear program by way of her Golden Shares.

Something is horribly wrong with this picture, especially when one adds the Uranium One, Clinton, Putin, Mueller fiasco into the mix. It appears more and more likely that Putin and the Crown were jockeying over control of global uranium mining rights (Rio Tinto vs. Rosatom). Bill and Hillary Clinton knew this, so they played the American card since the Queen's ore is enriched in the U.S. in Eunice, New Mexico.

The Queen holds a Golden Share (100% control) of Rio Tinto, that operates numerous mines in Canada. In this scenario, the Uranium One deal appears to have been Bill & Hillary and The Clinton Foundation injecting themselves in the middle to get a piece of the financial action. The Kazakhstan "deal" was probably a sham, a cover, just leverage. Mueller was used as a goat to show the quality of the Eunice, NM processing of the Queen's (READ: Frank Giustra) ore.

If the former is true, then British sovereignty over its national security has been ceded to Lockheed Martin.

If the latter is true, then America’s national security has been traded away by Lockheed Martin who is managing multiple sets of national interests and is, therefore, sometimes acting against the United States in its dealing with the United Kingdom.

Who are the common threads here? Former FBI Director James B. Comey and former Lockheed Martin director of Technical Operations in Washington, D.C. S. Bradford Antle.

It is important here to note a longer Serco thread that reaches back almost a century. Serco was founded in 1929 as RCA Services Limited, a UK division of the Radio Corporation of America (RCA). In 1985, General Electric purchased RCA. Two years later in 1987, the UK managers of RCA bought the RCA UK operations and changed the name to Serco in 1988.

These events within Serco (UK) occurred right when S. Bradford Antle worked for General Electric (and probably facilitated the sale, with the plan to eventually work for Lockheed, form SI International, then have Serco UK buy in to the US classified business via SI International). These sorts of devious convolutions have come to be expected by our researchers.

So more likely, the Queen controls the nuclear activities of both Lockheed Martin and Serco in Britain. This control then walks back to the U.S. via URENCO LIMITED (UK).

URENCO manages the U.S. nuclear enrichment plant in Eunice, NM. Curiously, in their 2018 annual report, URENCO disguises their British 1/3rd ownership by British Nuclear Fuels Limited (BNFL) and says instead that “Enrichment Investment Limited” (EIL) is the holder. Further investigation shows that EIL is a mere shell front for British Nuclear Fuels Limited. Why the deception?

British Golden Share owner of URENCO LIMITED (UK) which controls U.S. uranium enrichment at Louisiana Energy Services (LSE), Eunice, NM:

Fig. 11BNFL ENRICHMENT LIMITED. (May 25, 2001). Certificate of Incorporation of a Private Company, Co. No. 4223635. Companies House. Renamed ENRICHMENT INVESTMENTS LIMITED on Dec. 17, 2009. BNFL is a notorious acronym for British Nuclear Fuels Limited (Plc.). See also ENCRICHMENT INVESTMENTS LIMITED. (Dec. 17, 2009). Memorandum and Articles of Association, Co. No. 4223635. Companies House. ENRICHMENT INVESTMENTS LIMITED is an alias designated on Dec. 17, 2009 for its original name BNFL ENRICHMENT LIMITED formed on May 25, 2001. BNFL is a notorious acronym for British Nuclear Fuels Limited (Plc.).

Lockheed Martin appears to be a globalist government unto itself

Lockheed’s influence over critical national security organizations on both sides of the Atlantic, including AWE, Serco, SES and OPIC is evident. However, these alliances fold back on each other. It appears that Lockheed Martin sold out the American Republic long ago. We The People just never got the memo.

We have two more groups to discuss, then we will swing back around to SES and OPIC.

Crown Agents USA Washington DC & USAID

See American Intelligence Media’s new article laying out the history of the Crown Agents. We won’t repeat this superb research here. EXPOSED: ALL THE QUEEN’S AGENTS AND CORPORATIONS THAT CONTROL THE WORLD. This article includes links to actual contracts that USAID pays to Crown Agents, its similar British counterpart.

Even our week-long review of government contracts shows that the U.S. government pays tens of billions of dollars a year to Crown Agents USA Washington DC—which is a vassal of the Queen of England. Why do we not hire Americans for this work? This is another example of the corporate borders having been dropped long ago.

OPIC funds USAID and Crown Agents—globalist front men

Hidden inside OPIC are many dozens of contracts with billions of dollars awarded to Citibank. This tie to Wall Street is evident, especially considering that Citigroup was the first merged bank formed after Bill Clinton and Treasury Secretary Larry Summers (with Facebook’s Sheryl K. Sandberg in tow) abolished Glass-Steagal on Nov. 12, 1999.

In addition, OPIC funds hundreds, if not thousands, of USAID projects that involve financing sent through the Crown Agents as the prime contractor or supplier to a prime contractor.

For example, OPIC provided $100 million in funds and an “Impact Award” to Helios Investment Partners LLC—a creation of the Crown Agents Ltd headquartered in London. Crown Agent Ltd. has only one shareholder – the Crown Agents Foundation.

On Jul. 19, 1995, the Crown Agents were “privatized” meaning they became a stock company with a board of directors. The issuance of stock amounts and rights was in the complete control of the Crown’s Secretary of State, and he or she was bound by The Crown Agents Act of 1995. Here is proof that while privatization may sound like the Queen gave up control, she did not. The Crown simply channeled its authority through the Crown’s Secretary of State who controlled the Crown Agents “privatized” successor board of directors. Therefore, the Crown has 100% control of its subsidiary in the U.S. named Crown Agents USA Washington DC.

Andrew W. Marshall

We should note that OPIC is similarly organized as a corporation with the U.S. Secretary of State as its sole shareholder. Also, seven days before Crown Agents was privatized, on Jul. 12, 1995, IBM purchased Lotus Corporation whose collaboration software, Lotus Notes, was planned by the illegal "public-private" Highlands Forum. and the DoD Director of Net Assessment—an SES member since 1978 Andrew W. Marshall—to be the platform to be used by the Deep State shadow government to control and spy on Internet communications. At this same time Michael McKibben (who later founded Leader Technologies) was being told by AT&T Bell Labs engineers with whom he was working to create AT&T AccessPlus 3.0 for Windows 95 that Lotus Notes probably could not be made to scale in large Internet transaction volumes.

All of the above shows the collusion among SES, OPIC and the Crown Agents.

Crown Agents serve the Crown



In conclusion, we have tried to introduce the primary caves in this labyrinth of global corruption.

These caves lead us back to the beginning of our investigation—into the people and organizations who stole Leader Technologies’ social networking invention to promote their globalist One World agenda.

The rogue C.I.A. (interestingly, headquartered in CERN, Switzerland), in collusion with Lockheed Martin, appear to be the intelligence arm of this globalist corporate takeover.

The American Republic can survive this, if we acknowledge what is going on and do something about it.

Mr. President: Defund the Criminals and Fund The Miller Act Notice

Mr. President, please pull the plug on these corruptocrats and their illegal funding streams. Since they are all based on fake values, no real services will be affected.

In addition, write the Miller Act Notice check to Leader Technologies for 18 years of unpaid use of their revolutionary social networking invention.  This will generate new cash streams to free up our economy from the globalist stranglehold.  This will also empower Leader Technologies and other actually creative people in America to fix our foundering ship of state.  See Leader proposes trillion dollar fed revenue while lowering taxes.

One Miller Act Notice check starts the ball rolling, Mr. President.

Keep up the good work and Godspeed. We’re praying for you and your family.

* * *

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The magic of Leader’s invention

Leader’s late 1990’s breakthrough in digital scalability gave these corruptocrats a platform to unify their communications globally—on a large scale not previously possible with IBM and Microsoft platforms. Leader’s founder Michael McKibben knew that because he had previously rebuilt AT&T’s email system AT&T AccessPlus 3.0. He knew exactly what IBM’s and Microsoft’s collaboration shortcomings were because AT&T Bell Labs engineers had told him after they had abandoned their failed alliance with IBM-Lotus called “Network Notes.” He knew they could not scale to the transaction volumes needed for the emerging Internet.  Problem-solver McKibben very intentionally set out to create a whole new paradigm. See The Weaponization of Social Media Should Concern Us All.

Once they had their “ah hah” moment in Dec. 1999, McKibben sought legal advice to protect the invention. He was eventually referred to the federal government’s top intellectual property lawyer, James P. Chandler, III. Little did McKibben know that Chandler was chief among the world’s corruptocrats. Chandler, who was already conspiring with the C.I.A., NSA, IBM, Microsoft, Cisco and Silicon Valley, knew that Leader’s invention would finally enable them to implement their dream to spy on everyone.

As wolves in sheep’s clothing, they offered the “social” services and email free of charge, replete with slippery legalese that gave them rights to all user data forever. This power has utterly corrupted them. Property and privacy were abolished in their pursuit of the seven deadly sins… in the name of “national security,” of course.

What they did not plan on was that Leader’s invention could not be controlled so precisely. Social users figured out ways to beat their censors and spread the truth using the very tools with which they are trying to enslave us.

Return to the paragraph where I jumped to this Footnote.

Friday, March 16, 2018


Senior Executive Service (SES) is ~10,000 Deep State shadow government employees who are sabotaging the American Republic for the globalist agenda

Download, study and share the "Crimeline" widely

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Mar. 16, 2018, Updated Apr. 16, 2018 | PDF |
Fig. 1—The Untouchables. | Raw *.mp4 video file
Video: American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation, Leader Technologies, Inc.
Fig. 2—Shadow Government is Collapsing. 
Video: American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation, Leader Technologies, Inc.
Fig. 3—The American SS Exposed. | Raw *.mp4 video file
Video: American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation, Leader Technologies, Inc.
Fig. 4—SeS Governing Council 500 Exposed. | Raw *.mp4 video file
Video: American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation, Leader Technologies, Inc.
Bookmark: #new-ses-documents |
Breaking Mar. 20, 2018
Devastating SES / SERCO Documents Pouring In From Anonymous Sources
Senior Executive Service flag
Senior Executive Service (SES) Flag with Nazi Waffen SS logo superimposed. Click here for new document collection emerging.
Americans for Innovation and American Intelligence Media are currently receiving a devastating collection of SES documents that prove the decades of treachery against the American taxpayer by our government institutions themselves. Since such documents have a way of disappearing magically, we strongly request that readers IMMEDIATELY download these documents and distribute them onto multiple computers so that they will not disappear. The site has a ZIP download button in the upper right hand corner. This is a compressed package of the entire set of documents in one file. Your techie friends will be able to unzip it, so download it even if you are not familiar with ZIP. The number of documents appears to be growing daily. The SES documents contain names, dates, titles and events—all actionable and potentially indictable evidence.

Download SES files
Download SES document folder as a ZIP file
305 MB, be patient!
Download SERCO files
Download SERCO document folder as a ZIP file
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(Mar. 16, 2018)—The Senior Executive Services (SES) was created as Title IV in the Civil Rights Reform Act of 1978 under President Jimmy Carter.  

The Act reformed the civil service of the federal government, partly in response to the Watergate scandal. It abolished the U.S. Civil Service Commission and distributed its functions primarily among four new agencies: the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) and the Senior Executive Service (SES).

On Sep. 19, 1979, President Carter called SES "the keystone of the Civil Service Reform Act." Tellingly, Wikipedia describes it as an also-ran program. Also-ran or keystone? It cannot be both. President Carter's statement stands in stark contrast to the program's TOTAL lack of transparency and the public's total lack of awareness of its existence. Keystone for what? Hindsight provides the answer: racketeering, theft, obstruction of justice, conspiracy, fraud, treason and sedition.

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SES statement to Congress on Dec. 01, 2016, Appendix 2, last paragraph, PDF p. 228, “Appointments to SES Positions”:

“By law, the appointment or removal” of SES positions “shall not be subject, directly or indirectly to review or approval by an officer or entity within the Executive Office of the President.” (Is this not sedition?)

Note: This SES statement was endorsed by the following Senators. Did they know what they were endorsing? Somebody needs to give at least Sen. Rand Paul a heads up because we cannot imagine that he knows about the SES' control of the NSA, who he has sued for its unchecked mass surveillance of American citizens in clear violation of the Fourth Amendement.

Senators who endorsed SES rule that SES cannot be fired by the President: COMMITTEE ON HOMELAND SECURITY AND GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS:
RON JOHNSON, Wisconsin, Chairman
RAND PAUL, Kentucky
KELLY AYOTTE, New Hampshire
BEN SASSE, Nebraska
CORY A. BOOKER, New Jersey
GARY C. PETERS, Michigan
GABRIELLE A. BATKIN, Minority Staff Director
JOHN P. KILVINGTON, Minority Deputy Staff Director
MARY BETH SCHULTZ, Minority Chief Counsel

Let's get this straight. A Senate Committee that oversees the Department of Homeland Security—an agency of the Executive Branch, is telling the American People that the hiring and firing function of the SES—also an agency within the Executive Branch, is not subject to the Executive Branch in its hiring and firing of personnel? Are you kidding me? Is this not the very definiton of sedition. This is proof of a shadow government in the Congressional record.

Who knows anything about the SES? Almost nobody. It is the world's best kept secret. The SES are 8-10,000 highly paid federal bureaucrats who grease the skids for the Deep State shadow government. In short, they help insure that government corruption remains a perennially lucrative enterprise, free of the knowledge of, or reprisals from We The People.

The Title IV Senior Executive Service was sold to the public as a way to get experienced private sector executives to work for the federal government. The truth has been that corporate executives put their people in place at the SES, then those SES people feed contracts to their private sector cronies. In short, SES is the administrative arm of a fascist system where selected corporations profit as long as they do the bidding of their Deep State handlers.

The SES was championed and organized by Kristine Marcy (nee McConnell)—a close companion and decades-long co-conspirator with the Clintons.

Marcy’s brother, Field McConnell, is a retired pilot who flew fighter jets for the Navy, Air Force, Marines and National Guard. He also piloted commercial aircraft for Southern, Republic and Northwest Airlines.

McConnell was the first to discover a Boeing uninterruptible autopilot that could remotely take over or crash an airplane. His reporting to Boeing, FAA and the Defense Department have been aggressively suppressed, yet McConnell continues to speak out boldly.

See AFI. (Jan. 11, 2018). Meet The Person Who Can Remotely Crash Planes And Can Read Your Mind. Americans for Innovation.

McConnell and sister Marcy are estranged and he has publicly exposed his sister's treacherous conspiracies with Hillary and Bill Clinton to undermine our Republic.

Hindsight shows the SES to be little more than the spiritual children of the Nazi SS—the administrative shock troops of the rogue C.I.A. Deep State shadow government.

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Every four years the SES publishes a “Plum Book” (named for its purple cover sheet). It lists the executives in each federal department and agency and their compensation, or at least it is supposed to. As you can see, numerous compensation amounts are blank.

We have located and compiled these 220-426 page reports. In addition, we have prepare Excel spreadsheets for the number of SES-related jobs by department and agency.

Today, SES and associated positions account for 9,033 employees across 166 departments and agencies at above the highest pay rates in government. Note the dramatic increase in the new job title "Inspector General" during Barack Obama's eight years. Evidently, Obama's SES Army installed a buffer between their Deep State shadow government handlers and the Law if they ran into legal trouble or got caught—more “insurance.” (FBI counterterrorism director Peter P. Strzok secret text message to paramore FBI senior counsel Lisa C. Page).

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We encourage other patriots to download these files and set up a searchable web folder with a single search utility we can all share and embed in our various blogs and sites. This evidence has a way of disappearing inexplicably.

Search SES Employee Rosters in the Table below
These SES employee disclosure files at the Federal Register are intentionally broken for searching. Google will normally index an entire PDF document unless blocked by the creator's intent. Engineers have discovered special characters embedded in the fonts themselves (not visible to the naked eye) that block web crawlers from searching and indexing the pages. Therefore, the names will not appear in Google / Bing / Yahoo / DuckDuckGo search results. More on this later. Therefore, these disclosure documents are not transparent. However, Adobe Reader and Acrobat are able to search for individual names. To use Advanced Search, choose the PDF file of interest. Select Edit | Advanced Search in the Adobe menu line. Type your keyword or phrase and view the list of all occurences in the search panel. See also Searching PDFs for full help.

Also, the Plum Books are not comprehensive lists of SES members. For example, the current Secret Service Special Agent in Charge in San Francisco CA, David Murray, advertises himself on LinkedIn as SES, yet neither Murray's name, nor the Secret Service in general, appear anywhere on the Congressional reports that we could find—which is obviously not a secret since he publishes it freely on LinkedIn.

Senior Executive Service (SES) "Plum Book" Policy and Supporting Positions published by various House and Senate Committees Updated Mar. 30,2018
President Reporting Year SES Plum Book
Be Patient on downloads, these are large files
Positions Depts. & Agencies Inspectors General
(Deep State shadow gov't buffers)
Agency/Dept. Summary Spreadsheet
Search Note: The versions of these documents at the Federal Register and GoogleDocs/GoogleDrive contain search blocks that prevent all the names in these documents from appearing on searches and being indexed by web search crawlers. We are unpacking these files and removing those booby traps. So, just because a name does not appear the first time you search, do not assume it is not there. It may have been intentionally rendered unsearchable. We are receiving many reports from whistleblowers that these official SES lists are not comprehensive and are only the "tip of the iceberg" of total SES federal employees. Reading between the lines of their disclosure rules, SES has dozens of ways of making people's names and salaries secret, and as they say in every document, they cannot be hired or fired by the President (that statement is usually the last paragraph of APPENDIX NO. 2).
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NEW! ANALYSIS (100 hrs. unpacking the Plum Books): Anonymous Patriots. (Apr. 04, 2018). Plum Books hide SES employees in a blizzard of bad math and contradictory, nonsensical categories. American Intelligence Media.

EXPERT CONCLUSION: Everyone in the Plum Book is SES, whether directly designated or secretly associated by convoluted policies.
Jimmy Carter 1980 PDF   8,600   18  
Ronald Reagan 1984 PDF   8,000   20  
1988 PDF   8,000   14  
George H.W. Bush 1992 PDF   8,600   12  
Bill Clinton 1996 PDF   7,303 104 30 XLSX
2000 PDF DOCX 7,323 115 ? XLSX
George W. Bush 2004 PDF DOCX 9,357 119 ? XLSX
2008 PDF DOCX 8,221 115 ? XLSX
Barack Obama 2012 PDF DOCX 11,392 164 25 XLSX
2016 PDF DOCX 9,033 166 25 XLSX
Standing SES (DOJ) Performance Review Boards*
Fed. Reg. PDF* Declawed
500 Office of Attorney General DOJ SeS 500 - DOJ Paymasters
Various 1979- SITE   NSA, CIA, DTIC, DOD
Various Various ZIP   SERCO British/Int'l arm of SES (has controlled the U.S. Patent Office since 2006)
Table 1: Senior Executive Service (SES) Plum Book disclosing the U.S. shadow government. Click on any file. To search inside a file, click Ctrl + F (find) then type a search word or phrase. Or, select Edit | Advanced Search.

* This Federal Register file is severely tampered with to prevent search crawlers from indexing it, and even from normal cut and paste and file conversion actions. Essentially, it had to be retyped in order to strip out the embedded malware in the fonts themselves. This tampering hints at possible collusion with Microsoft and possibly Adobe to recognize hidden HEX characters inside certain fonts that automatically junks up the text record, thus preventing normal portability of the data to other programs. This one file took approx. 14 experienced man-hours to render it to full searchability. The effort to "hide this file in plain site" was evident to the engineers.
S. Prt. 114-26. (Dec. 01, 2016). Plum Book, Policy and Supporting Positions. Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. U.S. Senate, 114th Congress, 2d Session, PDF p. 228. GPO.
Fig. 5Bill Valdez. (Dec. 07, 2017). 2017 Presidential Rank Awards Leadership Summit [Senior Executive Services (SES)], p. 31. Senior Executives Association.

SES = SS ?

This comparison of the SES with the Nazi SS appears to be more than metaphorical.

The Church Committee  (1976) revealed that the rogue C.I.A. imported tens of thousands of former Nazi executives to work with their secret American industry partners like IBM.

What average person has the time to engage in this sustained immorality?

I mean ask yourself, is it even reasonable to assume that there is so much seathing rage in the world that the following events have occurred spontaneously and without substantial financing by the rogue C.I.A. (SeS) who has been proven to be funding programs in population control (MKUltra), the space race (NASA, NRO), depopulation eugenics (Planned Parenthood), pedophilia, drug-sex-arms trafficking, money laundering, false flags to scare the public and enrich their hedge funds (Gulf of Tonkin, 911, 2008 Bank ‘Crisis,’ Rwanda, Kosovo, Syria, Libya, Lockerbie, Oklahoma City, Waco, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Parkland, etc.) and mass propaganda (CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, NPR, Washington Post), among others.

Senator F. Frank Church (D-Idaho) wrote in 1976 in his final Committee report which is posted on the Senate website:

“Intelligence agencies have undermined the constitutional rights of citizens,” the final report concluded, “primarily because checks and balances designed by the framers of the Constitution to assure accountability have not been applied.”

Clearly nothing had changed after 1976 because in 1987 Senator Daniel K. Inouye (D-Hawaii) continued to sound the alarm about the Deep State shadow government run by the rogue C.I.A. See video following:

Fig. 6—Senator Daniel Inouye (D-HI) exposed "a shadowy goverment" in 1987. This speech was given just nine years after the Senior Executive Service (SES) was formed. | Raw *.mp4 video file | Transcript
| Timeline
Video: U.S. Congress..

Barack Obama’s & Hillary's Deep State shadow government “SES cadre”

Hillary and Obama treason

On Dec. 15, 2015, Barack Obama Executive Order 13714 titled “Strengthening the Senior Executive Service.”  Not once, but twice, Obama referred to his “SES cadre.” We believe that the use of the word “cadre” was not accidental (like their use of the word IBM Eclipse Foundation, as in eclipse the Constitution). Cadre means “a small group of people specially trained for a particular purpose or profession.”

Very evidently, the SES is the secret army of the Deep State shadow government. They are “the Swamp.”

Following their theft of Leader Technologies’ social networking invention, they were able to dramatically streamline their secret organizing capabilities completely outside of their official federal government communications systems. These are the systems Hillary and Bill Clinton used to communicate with on their private Westchester, New York "home brew" email server in total violation of U.S. law while she was Secretary of State.

See AFI. (Nov. 22, 2017). The Weaponization of Social Media Should Concern Us All. Americans for Innovation.

Leader Technologies says that their invention included a highly securable messaging system.

Facebook initially offered that email system to the public, but then pulled it back. Thanks to corruption watchdog Judicial Watch, we see that private Facebook communication with Hillary Clinton and her State Department on Sep. 26, 2009 when she contracted with Facebook to build an "template for winning elections" to rig coming elections. More treason.

The rogue SES says the President cannot fire them!

Here is the regulation they cite:

S. Prt. 114-26. (Dec. 01, 2016). Plum Book, Policy and Supporting Positions. Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. U.S. Senate, 114th Congress, 2d Session, PDF p. 228. GPO.
Fig. 7S. Prt. 114-26. (Dec. 01, 2016). Plum Book, Policy and Supporting Positions. Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. U.S. Senate, 114th Congress, 2d Session, PDF p. 228. GPO.

Is SES above the law?

We don’t think so. As with every convoluted law and regulation that these people have had a hand in, it’s a two-edged sword. When the American people were not aware of them, they exploited their loopholes for their benefit. Now that we are awake, their abortion of the Constitution has holes large enough to drive a Mack Truck through. For starters, how about military tribunals and Guantanamo prison?

We must return to what we believed to be regular order in the Republic.

We elected our leaders thinking that they would hire qualified people on our behalf and do the people’s work.

What we now see is that the SES is a secret army of political and economic saboteurs who pay themselves well and support their globalist Deep State shadow government task masters. Just look at their faces, they all look guilty.

These SES people know what they have done. The jig is up.

These saboteurs of the American Republic must be punished for their treason, it seems to us.

We call on SES whistleblowers to step forward.

* * *

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Fig. 8—SES Vermin Among Us.  | Raw *.mp4 video file
Video: American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation, Leader Technologies, Inc.
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Fig. 9—Facebook Commits Crimes Against the State. | Raw *.mp4 video file
Video: American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation, Leader Technologies, Inc.


Waffen S(E)S Hidden In Plain Sight

By An Anonymous Patriot Contributing Writer

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It seems that the Nazi practice perfected under the “Third Reich” has been perfected inside the American Republic.

The new “Waffen SS” is none-other than the “Senior Executive Service’. Their enterprises consist of highjacked patents in the technology world, specifically associated with controlling the “Internet of Things.”

The “Neo-Waffen SS” leverages stolen technology, in particular Leader Technologies into trillions of dollars of leveraged assets, using metadata collection for advertising, bribery, and blackmail.

The advertising is performed with “warrantless” search engine metadata capture to create monetized links to every person on the planet.

This information is sold at tremendous profit to companies who then leverage revenue income through targeted sales. The same “metadata” capture is used to create “dark profiles” on every citizen globally to be “un-masked” when convenient.

When it is “convenient,” such as being “elected” to a public position of authority, this “authority’” can then be turned by blackmail. Those that choose to buck the system, are humiliated and sent back to the matrix.

Those who play along, become “useful” tools. They sell themselves like prostitutes to the highest bidder, and are then disposed of when finished. Generally, they have heart attacks, poisonings, suicides or remotely triggered car crashes—all using the same “wet-ware” technology.

The “Senior Executive Services” or “SES” was created to emulate the control structures developed under the “Third Reich.” Within the federal bureaucracy, they are over 8,000+ strong, with an annual overhead exceeding $800K/year. They move in and out of private companies and the government at will with no vetting or challenges from the House or Senate.

In most cases, they are “invisible” to any control mechanisms, oversight, or challenges, and by default, become the “controllers” within the embedded bureaucratic structures themselves.

They are the “Third Reich Waffen SS.”’ It appears that Robert Mueller is the “neo-Himmler,” hidden in plane sight.


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